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Louise with her twin boys, Walker and BarrettI went to feed Louise yesterday and Barrett was gone. Baby Barrett was missing. We searched low but not high and frantic can’t describe how I felt. I let Louise out to help point the way but no luck. No Barrett. Then I heard a little cry. Baby Barrett had escaped UNDER their fence (I’ll never understand how he fit) and went to visit his sweet Uncle George, our miniature donkey. He had climbed to the top of George’s giant hay-bale bed and fell through – he was literally stuck between and under bales of hay! JP dug him out and George’s company, invited or not, was carried back to his mother, uninjured.


We have been waiting for George, a miniature donkey, for several weeks. This is not an animal with which you can put into the back of a truck and ride off into the wind. In fact, good luck catching one, haltering one, loading one, unloading one so on and so forth.

Nonetheless, he arrived. Scared, bellowing (holy shit are they loud). The shorthairs were all over him, one left crying after a solid kick to the shoulder. He actually went willingly into a stall. He demonstrated, throughout the day, that he has never been stalled. Alone. Or alone just in general.

I put him next to Angel, my rogue goat. She will rush an electrified fence. Or force her way under it. She refuses to be contained. Except in her stall, but there she really has no choice anymore. I removed the built in feeders that she used to  leverage herself out of the stall with.

I need these two to be buddies. I need them to want to be together, not with me. Tomorrow brings more containment attempts. HOUDINI LIVES.

I decided that starting a new blog was in order after moving the goats to their new farm in Beloit, WI. The whole process is full of stress and full of hope, angst and gallons of ideas. This first post will be brief, like my first visit to the farm after closing. I have a lot to learn, here and at OC Acres. I have found some “mentors” in the form of other bloggers who have also turned to a homestead style life; living close to and growing as much of my own food as I can while leaving as small a footprint as I can on the environment I will leave behind me when I go.

Maybe you will follow me along the way. Maybe you won’t. I just hope it’s because you are too busy digging in the dirt, brushing a horse, or milking a goat that keeps you away!