Tuesday evening when JP and I were leaving the farm we both concluded that Symphony was very much in heat, very out of season and that I should take advantage of it (for lack of better terms) and try to breed her. So the next evening I made plans to and did the following:

1). Load up Symphony and take her to be bred.

2). Pick up Angel, the new milking doe, along the way.

Now mind you, a few weeks ago when I moved the goats to OC Acres they broke the back window out of the truck. Now I have to resort to tying them into the  back of the truck, which I did.

This is what happened while each were tied to a corner of the truck: headbutting and biting. At one point I looked back and Symphony was just staring at Angel then plowed her head first until the tie stopped her dead in her own tracks. Kinda comical.

Anyhow I set them up in neighboring stalls for the night and put them to pasture this morning. The dominance challenge begins between the four does. Even my sweet girl Louise is in on it, don’t let this picture fool you.