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George had nearly three months worth of male company up until yesterday, having sold one of the baby boys to a family with eleven children (eight under eight) and raffling the other off for HealthNet of Rock County – the proceeds will be used for updating the dental clinic. Baby Walker raised nearly $5000.

They will be missed by me of course and JP, well, not so much. The kids tend to “cry” a lot and it sounds like they are sad, hurt, dying and/or lonely. And whether or not they are, you can’t just tend to every sound that comes out of them and honestly, after two months, I was ready for some peace and quiet. So I thought.

The fact is, I miss my little guys and I know George does too. My mini donkey is now alone with the does again and JP is the only other guy living on the farm. They seem to embrace that and seem to have a bond that is both adorable and enviable. Deep down, I want George to only love me. I am not gonna lie.

Regardless, the farm is baby free and George is the lone male in the field. Again.

Louise with her twin boys, Walker and BarrettI went to feed Louise yesterday and Barrett was gone. Baby Barrett was missing. We searched low but not high and frantic can’t describe how I felt. I let Louise out to help point the way but no luck. No Barrett. Then I heard a little cry. Baby Barrett had escaped UNDER their fence (I’ll never understand how he fit) and went to visit his sweet Uncle George, our miniature donkey. He had climbed to the top of George’s giant hay-bale bed and fell through – he was literally stuck between and under bales of hay! JP dug him out and George’s company, invited or not, was carried back to his mother, uninjured.

First of all, I thought I was getting just one new arrival. What a surprise when Louise delivered the second, just moments after she dropped the first baby goat in my hands. It took a day or so, but I chose to name them Walker and Barrett – after our governor recall election contenders – Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. Jokes aside, my two little ones are better than the names I bestowed upon them and they could possibly be the only positive thing to come out of this election.

Louise’s baby boys, Walker and Barrett, born May 17, 2012