My visitors the other night (who helped me load up my goat) were Jim and Beth Rude. They are a creative, entrepreneurial, interesting, funny, and inquisitive couple. Beth is a master gardener and Jim is a food stylist. Together they created P. Dickey’s, a gourmet mushroom seasoning company based in our hometown, Janesville, WI. They brought me a farm warming gift, their Wild Shroom Seasoning. It’s made up of morel, porcini, and shiitake mushrooms, garlic, salt, spices, and more.

Which prompts me add why it is so great to be able to work from home now and again – I am able to make my lunch and eat it at pretty much the same time.

Anyhow, I cooked organic young chicken breast in a blend of oils with P. Dickey’s Wild Shroom Seasoning and some chicken broth yesterday. Having let it chill overnight, I cut it up and added some diced onions and baking raisins, never-too-much mayo, two tablespoons or raw, organic goat milk (fresh this morning), and warmed a piece or sprouted grains bread.

I ate it immediately. All of it. With a baby dill pickle. Delish.

Make that two baby dills.